Beach Plum Farm

Zay, Lincoln, and I stopped by Beach Plum Farm on our short trip to Cape May this week. It had a charming country-chic feel, but was smaller than I’d imagined. We spent about an hour at the farm walking around, shopping, and eating lunch.

The chicken salad sandwich was great – especially the hearty bread it was served with. Zay had the pulled pork on brioche which was also tasty but we both agreed it wasn’t the best pulled pork we’d ever had.

Beach Plum Farm provides herbs, vegetables, and eggs to a number of the Cape Resorts restaurants and hotels including The Blue Pig Tavern, the Ebbitt Room, Congress Hall, the Virginia and more. It’s 62-acres are located just outside of Cape May and are a nice escape (not that you’d need one) from the beaches and victorian homes that line this seaside town.


Like many similar farm/tourism sites the chickens and ducks were roaming the grounds and were a popular draw for kids. Zay rightly noted the brilliant business decision to charge interested visitors $.25 for handful of chicken feed – “people are basically reimbursing them for something they’d have to buy anyway.” Surprisingly, Lincoln largely ignored the hens and instead followed his nose to the herb garden and then went in search of a shady spot to lay down.

We wrapped up our visit by grabbing some enamelware canisters that we’ve been thinking about getting for awhile. They look great and are the perfect place to store coffee, sugar, flour, cookies, etc… You can check them out in an early post here. All-in-all Beach Plum Farm was a nice stop and good way to get in one last leg stretch before we headed back to DC. Judging by other posts online and what we’ve read about the farm, I am willing to bet that both their breakfast and their harvest dinners are the best time to visit.


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