Breakfast of Champions

Weekend breakfasts are the best. Period. End of story.

Today I whipped up a few quick things. First, a fresh fruit salad that was rounded out by some local strawberries from New Morning Farm. I discovered one of New Morning Farm’s smaller markets on 36th St NW in Washington DC yesterday and the in season strawberries looked and tasted amazing.

The fruit salad checked the healthy box, and so that left ample opportunity for one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches. Rustic bread, runny eggs, Parmesan cheese, prosciutto, and some fresh basil and oregano from the herb garden on our back deck.

Zay and I both love this sandwich, it’s runny, rich, and delicious. In the first photo you can also check out our new enamelware coffee/sugar tins that we picked up in Cape May, NJ this week. They look great on our farmhouse table.

Headed out to take Lincoln for a walk – have a great Sunday.

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